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Retaining a Candidate For Technology Recruiting

A company may have identified a candidate for consideration at a later date. Executive recruiters may be asked to be in touch with the candidate and revert to the client about the recent job moves that the candidate has taken and the aspirations of the person. This strategy is specifically utilized for niche skills possessed by a biomedical engineer or an entrepreneurial attitude displayed by a person in the role of an industrial engineer.

Identifying the person

Companies that decide to diversify and start small in a niche area with high potential prefer to consider candidates who possess a risk taking attitude apart from being knowledgeable about the subject of the diversification. Technology recruiting involves the client as well as the services of an IT technical recruiter. Industry network discussions often throw up information on small entrepreneurs who are looking for investments for an idea to be put to market. While some entrepreneurs succeed, others fail for insufficient financial support or paucity of managerial talent. The people who have tried and not succeeded are of interest to maverick business persons who are looking for new areas to invest money.

Selling the advantage
A maintenance engineer with a great business idea may not be able to carry the idea on individual strength. A corporate can support the venture by providing employment to the individual as well as giving managerial support for helping the business to grow. A sales recruiting agency that has worked on such assignments in the past as a part of technology recruiting is better equipped to understand how an entrepreneur thinks and can work out an understanding that does not compromise the individual’s freedom while protecting the interests of the corporate house.

Attracting attention

The corporate house can send out feelers to the individual by using the services of head hunters to initiate discussion with the person. If the person in question has specialized knowledge and does not wish to take a risk as an entrepreneur, the corporate may be persuaded to employ the individual to utilize the skills. Technology recruiting may also be used to attract self employed individuals who provide their services on a free lance basis to a number of clients. An exclusive agreement with a payment and time bound understanding

Retaining the person

Technology recruiting comes in handy when the person is not to be offered employment immediately but after a few months once the plans are firmed up. The individual works on the understanding of continuing as they are until a confirmation comes from the corporate house. Regular telephone conversations may be initiated by the agency in the effort to keep the interest alive and reports on career moves made by the candidate are informed to the client. If a decision is taking an inordinate amount of time, the candidate is likely to lose interest and join another corporate house. The agency is equipped with market information to know who else is approaching the candidate and can keep the client informed and form a strategy.