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Get Your Resume Noticed in Technology Recruiting

You may be qualified and experienced but if you are not able to present your possible value to a company, you are not likely to make the mark. Technology recruiting is a highly competitive field with many head hunters trying to put forward their best candidates to companies for selection. Ensure that you support their effort by making a good resume.

Identify your strengths

What is your value proposition to a company? Look beyond platitudes like honesty and hard work. Are you good at analyzing market data and suggesting alternate strategies? Does this capability convert to effective resource utilization and higher revenue? On the other hand, are you a structural engineer with an eye for design and color? Does this translate to better quality output? Highlight your strengths and define how these strengths can help your potential employers in technology recruiting.


What is your professional goal? Most people write about reaching heights of success in the career. Do not make your objective read like a run off the mill sentence. Instead focus on what makes you really happy. Is it team achievement, intellectual involvement, applying concepts and seeing the outcome or individual perfection? A sales recruiting agency will have a mandate of finding a high energy person who is happy to meet people and convince them to a certain view. Though not overtly aggressive, the person should possess and be able to demonstrate the ability to be persuasive in. in technology recruiting, the person should possess requisite knowledge to make a case. Your objective should put this capability into a sentence that is about 7 words long.

Write a good resume

Utilize a format that is professional and ensure that you provide key information like your contact details, qualifications and work experience. Eschew long sentences and paragraphs and opt for bullet points instead. You may like to draw the reader’s attention to the skills you possess before going into your experience details. Highlight your achievements in your skill areas. Show that you possess knowledge that goes beyond the ken of your qualification. An environmental engineer may display knowledge of law and how this has helped in achieving success on certain projects. This tells the recruiters that you are the type of person who will go beyond the call of duty to learn and implement new concepts.

Cover letter

Technology recruiting demands that a candidate be aware of the commercial angle of the job in order to be considered for ambitious career opportunities. Make your cover letter the medium for displaying your sensitivity to and the sense of purpose that emanates from profit responsibility and professional ethics. If you are a design engineer in a design consulting firm, you are willing to alter designs to suit customer requirements without compromising safety. This is an important attitude since executive search firms may not be able to effectively persuade a client to consider a person who swears solely by a creative and professional ethic. The first paragraph of your cover letter should talk about your attitude; the second about the environment you look forward to work in and you should sign off showing your intent to follow up regarding your shortlist status.