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Help Us Help You In Technology Recruiting

Technology recruiting is effective when the executive search firms are aware of the company’s recruitment policies designed in line with business strategy. Share your recruitment process and delineate the areas that are to be solely managed by the engineering recruiter with only reporting activities to be provided to your organization. Nominate a representative who will act as the coordinator between the agency and the company and define the scope of responsibilities and decisions allowed by the role holder.

Bio-data acceptance

If the vacancy is that of a software engineer can a non-engineering graduate be kept in the shortlist? If there has been a recent break in work experience, should the resume be considered? Does your company want only first class engineers for the jobs? Is the required experience range flexible to include candidates who have two to three years more or less experience? Define the range of compensation that the company is willing to provide and the highest current salary that a candidate should be at. Provide a break up of the monthly package and the annual amount, the actual monthly salary payable and the benefit oriented amounts. Sharing this information with the recruiting partner helps to ensure that the shortlist process is effective.

Test administration

If you have a skill test or a psychological profile to be carried out, how should it be done? Are all shortlist candidates to be invited to a common venue on a specified date and put through the test? How will the results be generated and analyzed? What is the action after the analysis is done? Some psychological profiling tests focus on the behavior while others reveal the current attitude of the candidate. If an engineering technician psycho-profile displays a current attitude of low involvement and low initiative, does this mean the candidate is to be rejected? Define the organization stand on these results. The organization may prefer to meet all candidates and decide the status after the interview is carried out as a part of technology recruiting.

Interview status reporting

The executive search agency is responsible for calling the candidates for the interviews while the internal coordinator is responsible for arranging the interview panel, arrangements for taking care of the candidates during their wait at the workplace. Who will inform the candidates about their status after the interview? Who is responsible for communicating with candidates who do not make it to the final stage? Define these responsibilities at the outset to avoid ambiguity in technology recruiting.

Offer status

As a part of the technology recruiting process, who will call the candidate about the offer? if there are negotiations to be done, who is responsible to carry them out? Is the coordinator equipped with the authority to carry out negotiations, agree to changes with approval? Whose approval can be sought and what is the data to be provided to arrive at a decision? If a civil engineer is being offered a job, others with similar experience and qualifications should be viewed before a decision on the grade and compensation is taken.