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Using Psychological Profiling In Technology Recruiting

If your company expresses the feeling that there is a need for carrying out psychological tests before the recruitment exercise, there are certain pre-requisites to be satisfied. This need arises because of an experience that a person who seemed good on paper turns out to be unsuitable for a job. A technology recruiting agency may offer the services of a trained professional to analyze the psychological report.

Choose a psychological profiling test

The choice of the psychological profiling test must be done in conjunction with the needs to the company and the capability of executive search firms. Some tests are long and provide a detailed analysis of personality that may not be relevant to the organization. On the other hand there are short pencil and paper tests that provide an insight in 5 minutes. Most companies prefer short tests that are easy to administer and analyze. Your technology recruiting firm will be able to administer such tests without the aid of a professional to analyze the test. An executive search may have qualified staff to help you to choose a test.

Behavior and Attitude

Psychological tests provide recruiters a guiding light for further interviews. The attitude may be a result of a temporary bad phase at the workplace, the candidate needs to be questioned and probed about the feelings and the attitude revealed in the test. The organization has to define an approach towards tests that reveal a less than desirable mental frame. A technology recruiting agency can provide help by carrying out a preliminary discussion with the candidate and understand what events surround the person at that point. An industrial engineer who is unwilling for a location or functional shift may be upset when the current employer chooses to make such a move.

Train the interviewer

Though a company may outsource the task of implementing a psychological profile and analyzing the psychological report to a technology recruiting firm, it is important that interviewers from within the company are trained to question the candidate after going through the report. The profile does not determine the suitability of a person on the job, rather it focuses on behavior on the job. It is possible that a highly trained electrical engineer takes interviews with the idea of finding candidates who resemble a favored subordinate. If the interview is for sales recruiting, this bias will lead to a loss of time while an unsuitable candidate is recommended.

Understand the Report

Company representatives who conduct interviews should be trained in taking relevant behavioural inputs about the candidate and applying them to the skill and experience information that is being shared across the table. They should be trained in determining whether the person will be able to adjust to the company’s work and ethic culture. For instance, an interview with a mechanical engineer may reveal excellent technical knowledge but if the behavioural report shows that the person is highly sensitive and likely to withdraw in the face of conflict, the interviewer must gauge whether the candidate will be able to work comfortably on the jobs.